What is the Travel & Education Center?

The Travel & Education Center is the central place in the University Libraries for all travel, training, education, and faculty or staff interactions with their respective organizations. Since 2005 we have moved toward making all of our people and resources work more closely together and one way of doing this is by creating this center. It has been a multi-stage process to get to this point but we believe we have created a user-friendly and highly effective center that addresses all the needs of the library.

Library Faculty Association (LFA)

The purpose of the Library Faculty Association is to create an effective library faculty organization which can enter into a partnership for shared responsibility and cooperation among the library faculty, library administration, and library staff in order to promote the general welfare of the University Libraries.

Library Staff Association (LSA)

The University Libraries Staff Association at Virginia Tech (LSA) exists to serve the staff employees in a manner that leads to an improved work environment and fosters a positive dialogue between the staff and the administration of the University Libraries and the University as a whole.

Library Education & Development (LED)

The Library Education and Development (LED) Program is an initiative that is supported by the University Libraries' Dean and administrative staff. The Education Office is organizationally part of the Planning & Branch Operations Department but supports education for all library faculty and staff. The purpose of the program is to provide the employees of the University Libraries with opportunities to acquire new skills for currently held positions as well as for professional development.

Funding Guidelines

Below you will find a link to the funding guidelines for all the University Libraries. This is a single sheet synopsis which was developed to help ease confusion on where to ask for funding. If you are new to the library or are not certain which funding to request please consult these guidelines.

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Important Links


University Forms

Form Description  
Fleet Commander
Online Vehicle Reservation System
Before you can use Fleet Commander, you need to go to the web site and click the "Sign Up Now!" link at the bottom left to register. Emails will be sent to you confirming registration.You must be registered to use this system.
Proper Use of State Vehicles Form This form is required to be on file and signed by anyone who will be driving a state vehicle.
Virginia Tech Travel Estimate & Approval Form Use this form if your travel request involves hotel overages, international travel or if you are traveling using grant money.
TMP/ENC Certification Form Use this form if your travel will be international to register Virginia Tech owned equipment that you will be taking. For more information see the OESRC Website.
Travel Loan Form Form used to request funds for a travel loan.
Bank of America (BOA) Travel Card Application Paper Application for BOA Travel Card. (Required part one of two) If exception is required, please also complete Special Authorization Form
BOA Travel Card Online Application Instructions Electronic Application for BOA Travel Card (Required part two of two)

University Travel Procedures